Fundraising ideas

The Community Support Team work tirelessly to provide help, practically and emotionally, by being there for EB Families to lean on. You can make sure every family is supported by trying out some of the different fundraising tasks below to reach your target.
Just Giving Page

Once you have created your page – and linked it to the 100km Challenge – the best way to fundraise is to keep sharing it online!  Keeping your page up-to-date with the progress you’re making, pictures of the things you see on your exercise and sharing a personal note behind why you are doing this are all great additions to your page and will make it more engaging for potential donors!

Hosting a Virtual Event

For many people, holding a virtual event might be the best option currently. There are lots of things you can do from home:

  • Host an Online Quiz
  • Hold a sweepstake
  • Bingo Night
Getting Crafty
  • If you have spent time making new crafts recently you could sell them online 
  • Making cupcakes and doing a door-to-door deliveries for your neighbours
  • If you fancy a change you could dye your hair a crazy colour or just shave it all off!
Still keen for more ideas?

Then does hesitate to get in touch with either Amy or Jack -